Saturday, August 1, 2015


Where do you want to be when the end comes? Maybe some place where you could defend yourself like a gun shop or a bunker of some sort? Maybe in a church or some other spiritual place like that? In your home or the place where you grew up? How about locked up in James Franco's house with five of the funniest human beings alive, arguing about who gets the last Milky Way? Now ...we're talking!

 This is the End is a concept piece in which the concept is that all the actors play themselves. Or rather they play their stereotypes; what we think they're like. Seth Rogan loves to laugh and party and ponders weather or not he has become a sellout. Jay Baruchel and James Franco compete for Seth's attention. Jonah Hill is an earing wearing sissy boy, and Michael Cera does a whole lot of cocaine. I don't know if this is what any of these guys are really like, but it don't really matter. This is the way we want to see them. Rogen, along with writing and directing partner Evan Goldberg, went for something outside the box here and the results are brilliant!

As this story goes, a bunch of celebrities meet at James Franco's new house for a party. There is no shortage of big names here. Emma Watson is there along with Paul Rudd, Kevin Hart, Aziz Ansari, McLovin, even Rhianna makes an appearance. James Franco's house warming party is certainly not lacking in star power.

Everything is going really well until this little apocalypse thing happens. The party breaks up pretty quickly after that. Most everybody leaves, or dies a horrible yet hillarious death, except for Rogen, Franco, Baruchel, Hill, and Craig Robinson. They decide to barricade themselves up in the house. Using Franco's artwork and duct tape, they are able to construct an impenetrable fortress. This sets the perfect stage for last days laughs and post apocolyptic fun!

 I was very happy with this movie. I always enjoy seeing actors play themselves but I was worried that this would come off as being self indulgent. Instead it looked like the actors were poking fun at themselves, which is the complete opposite of self indulgent. That's good to see. It's fun to watch a bunch of rich, successful movie stars NOT taking themselves too seriously.

Being a fan of movies in general, I enjoyed the many movie references in this film. There were Green Goblin references, 127 Hours references, Freaks and Geeks references. There was one scene in which Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse were talking that looked just like a Superbad reunion. They referenced Your Highness at one point. There was even a hint at a possible Pineapple Express sequel.

 This movie was a little like a comedy all-star team and everybody was in top form. If your familiar with these guys movies, then you know to leave your kids at home for this one. The comedy is pretty rough. But if you liked any of the movies this group has made in the past you will probably love this one. If you typically don't like their movies, you probably won't like this one either.

This Is the End is not a cinema classic by any means but it is very good at what it does. It's very funny, features good performances, and is surprisingly well written. I didn't want this one to end, yet I was interested to see how it ended. When it did end, it wasn't what I expected. Overall, it was the most fun I've had at the movies so far this year. How cliche was that?  The Movie Man gives it 4 out of 5 stars. 

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