Tuesday, July 7, 2015


One thing I noticed about Ted 2 that I have never noticed with a Seth MacFarlane film before was the similarities, in terms of production style, to Family Guy.  There were at least a couple of the trademark non-sequitur cut away scenes and the long exterior establishing shots of buildings were very prevalent.  There were also a few jokes taken right out of previous Family Guy episodes.  I don’t consider this a positive or negative for the film, I just thought it was interesting and worth mentioning. 

                The movie opens with Ted getting married to Tami-Lynn.  Everybody is happy. Predictably, the happiness does not last too long.  When the odd couple starts to have problems in their marriage, they decide the answer is to adopt a child.  (Ted cannot father a child the natural way for obvious reasons.)  In order to do this, they must first go to court and prove that Ted is, in fact, a person.

                I found the argument about whether or not Ted is a person to be quite interesting.  The movie does a good job of bringing up good points for both sides and putting legitimate opposition in the way of the main characters.  What really does define a person?  That is a question that is worth debating and this movie does that in an intelligent and interesting way. 

                MacFarlane’s screenplay is well-structured but far from perfect.  There is a major subplot that emerges that should have been the main plot of the film.  All the marital drama between Ted and Tami-Lynn was ridiculous and should have been left out completely.   The movie also goes about five or ten minutes too long.  There was a point at the end where Ted appears to learn something and the movie actually makes a decent point.  All the stuff that happens after that however makes it completely irrelevant.  There is also a very stupid joke at the end that I could have done without. 

                There is no denying the fact that this movie is very funny.  I would call it the funniest movie of the year, in fact.  The vast majority of the jokes really hit.  There are a ton of pop culture references and cameos that are all on point.  A particularly clever cameo by Liam Neeson was one of my favorite scenes in the film.  The climax of the movie takes place at Comic Con.  This was a brilliant idea because it allowed MacFarlane to just go wild with the pop culture references and all of them are funny and work very well. 

                Dear Hollywood, please put Amanda Seyfried in more stuff.  She was phenomenal in this movie.  She was actually better than the movie required for the role she played.  All of the acting is good.  The chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane is tremendous once again.  I wouldn’t say Seyfried stole the show exactly, because Ted is undoubtedly the star, but she definitely gave the best overall performance. 

                As was to be expected, this movie is not as good as the first Ted.  That being said, it is a perfectly adequate sequel.  I enjoyed watching it.  I actually watched it twice.  It is the funniest movie I’ve seen this year and if you are a fan of pop culture humor this is your thing.  However problems with the plot hold this movie back from being as good as it actually could have been.  The Movie Man gives it 3 out of 5 stars. 
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